Taiwan, when to visit.

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Taiwan has enough attractions to indulge almost every traveler; there's enough shopping and nightlife in Taipei to satisfy even the most demanding shopaholics and socialites out there, and for those who like adventure there's the volcanic peaks at Yangmingshan National Park or surfing at Kenting National Park. Taiwan is also very family friendly with options at the Taipei Zoo, a trip on the gondola to see the mountain village of Maokong or an experience on Taiwan's high-speed trains. Taiwan is diverse and beautiful, the food is exceptional and cheap and its modern metropolises are comparable to Hong Kong and Seoul. But when is the time to visit this incredible place?


Taiwan has a subtropical climate. It has wet, very humid summers when temperatures are in the mid to high 30s, and the winters are short and mostly mild, though temperatures can drop into single figures especially in the mountainous areas like Alishan. It is also worth knowing that the north generally tends to be several degrees colder, and a lot wetter than the more tropical south.


Weather in Taiwan, the seasons.

In general, autumn and winter (October - April) are the best times to visit Taiwan due to cooler temperatures, although, early summer (May to July) can also be pleasant in mountainous regions in the north.  If you enjoy the sun, the high temperatures in midsummer will also make it a great time for watersports and beach activities but you might find it too hot for much else.

April to June — Spring

This is when to visit Taiwan if you want to enjoy pleasant weather and fewer tourists. The weather is warm, but not too hot either. There will be some rainfall, but there shouldn't be too much of it. Towards the end of May and June, the rainfall starts increasing in frequency.

Highlights: This is the best time to visit Taroko National Park, Yangmingshan National Park, or the Alishan National Scenic Area to enjoy the stunning blooms and the wonderful weather.  Beautiful trails and good weather are a perfect match.


June to August — Summer

Summer starts at the end of June and goes on till August. The temperatures go up quite high, and there can also be a lot of rainfall. The weather in Taiwan will be hot and humid, and June is the rainiest month. There is a chance of typhoons hitting too.

Highlights: This is when to visit Taiwan if you are a beach lover. The beaches in southern Taiwan, especially those in Kenting National Park, are beautiful.


September to November — Fall

Autumn in Taiwan is beautiful and the weather in Taiwan will cool down. The southern part of the country remains warm, but the north will get much cooler. There is also little to no rainfall during this season, compared to the summer periods.

Highlights: This is a great time to visit south-east Taiwan, especially the beautiful Taroko National Park. For those interested in visiting the Sun Moon Lake, Alishan National Scenic Area, or the Yushan (Jade Mountain) this is the best time to visit Taiwan.


December to March- Winter

Winter is low season in Taiwan and December is the coldest month in Taiwan, so expect things to get quite cold. However, if you compare it to European winters the temperatures are mild. Bear in mind that Taiwanese homes are not kitted out for cold like they are in the west so you can really feel the cold here.

Highlights: The biggest attraction of this season is the hot springs. Taiwan has over 150 hot springs, most of which are located in the beautiful mountains. Beitou is one of the most popular hot springs and is a must-see for those visiting Taiwan. There are charming mountain retreats at Yangmingshan National Park too. The Chinese New Year (February) is a huge celebration all across the country, so expect a lot of shops and restaurants to close at this time.


Weather in Taiwan, the rain seasons.

Taiwan has a lot of rain.

  • The northeastern monsoon lasts about six months from October to late March and brings wet weather to Keelung and the northeast side of the island, while central and southern regions stay relatively dry.
  • Then the southwestern monsoon starts in May and ends in late September, primarily affecting the south.
  • Typhoons can also affect Taiwan in the summer with an average of two to three hits a year.
  • There's also the annual plum rain season which can last for two months between early spring and early summer and affects the whole island.

Weather in Taiwan, a Quick Guide.

October to late March = rain in the north.

May to September = rain in the south.

Summer (June to August), very hot weather especially in South. Typhoon season and rain in the south.

Winter (December - March) , sometimes quite cold in the north while south is mild. North can be rainy.

Fall (September - November) , there is less rain and temperatures are fair , colder in North and warmer in South.

Spring (April to June) mild weather and warming up but not too hot yet. Less tourists at this time too.


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Taipei, the capital of Taiwan is a city full of beautiful temples, contemporary buildings and buzzing night markets. It's modern and vibrant and full of the unexpected and what's even better, its possible to see this amazing city for free. Join in on one of its free guided walking tours and experience the streets as the locals do. Simply book a spot online, meetup and join in on the fun. No need to worry about how you’ll see the city or even about how much it will cost. The tours are free, they’re professional and they’re guided by locals. What's better than that!

Tour Me Away

TourMeAway provide entertaining and informative free walking tours in Taipei City every day, by young local tour guides.

They have some great reviews on their Facebook page and on TripAdvisor.

Tour Me Away Tours:

  1. Old Town Taipei Tour

This free walking tour will walk you through the old town of Taipei.
You will see :

  • 228 Peace Memorial Park
  • the Presidential Office
  • Inner City Market
  • Zhongshan Hall
  • Ximending
  • Red House.

For the old town Taipei tour  Book here.

2. Longshan Temple Tour.

This interesting and free tour is a journey back into Taipei’s past, to the eighteenth-century Wanhua district where Taipei City was founded.The Longshan Temple Tour is a great way to learn about Taipei’s most historic temple and your guide will also take you to a night market to try out some late night snacks.

When: Every Tuesday and Friday at 7:30 PM

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours

Meeting Point: Longshan Temple MRT Station Exit No.1

For the Longshan Temple tour Book here.

Like it formosa

According to Like It Formosas website, they are a group of people who love Taiwan. They also have some good reviews on their Facebook page.

Like It Formosa Tours.

1.The Historic tour.

The west end of Taipei was once the center of political and economic activity and it is where modern development started. This tour takes you through Taiwanese history, starting from the traditional beliefs of the late Qing dynasty, to the cultural shifts under Japanese ruling, and then to the political landscape after the arrival of the National government in 1949. Walking from the past to the present, you will see how Taipei is shaped by multiple cultures and historical events.

You will see :

  • Longshan Temple
  • Bopiliao Historical Block
  • Ximen Red House
  • Presidential Office
  • 228 Peace Memorial Park
  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

When: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Where: Meet up at Exit 1, MRT Longshan Temple Station (go upstairs to the ground floor)

Duration: 2.5 hours.

How: Click 'Going' and simply show up on time

To book the historic tour Book here.2

2. The Modern tour.

Modern-day Taipei is a city full of energy, and this tour highlights the top trending places and local secret spots in the bustling city center. The Modern Taipei tour covers the latest innovations in the city and the coolest and most popular spots to explore day and night.

You will see:  

  • Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
  • Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  • Eslite Bookstore (Xinyi Store)
  • Taipei 101
  • Four Four South Village

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday 07:00 pm - 09:30 pm

Where: Meet up at Exit 5, MRT Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station (go upstairs to the ground floor)

Duration: 2.5 hrs.

How: Click 'Going' and simply show up on time

To book the modern tour Book here.

3. The Golden Age tour.

The roaring twenties was a colorful period, a Golden Age for commerce and culture. As Pablo Picasso is to Spain, Ernest Hemingway is to the U.S, so is everything that prospered around Taipei North Gate and Dadaocheng, to Taiwan.

The Taipei Free Golden Age Walking Tour walks you through places where Taiwan's writers and artists once gathered. Experience the oriental version of the roaring twenties in Taipei!

You will see:

  • Zhongshan Hall
  • North Gate
  • Taipei Post Office
  • Tianma Tea House
  • Xia Hai City God Temple
  • Dihua Street
  • Ning Xia Night Market

When: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and  Sunday 03:00 pm - 05:30 pm

Where: Meet up at Exit 5, MRT Ximen Station (go upstairs to the ground floor)

How: Click 'Going' and simply show up on time

For the Golden Age tour Book here.

4. The Nature tour.

Visit the cities favorite hiking spots, stroll along the small lanes downtown surrounded by trees and gardens and climb up a hill to a beautiful Taoist temple to see the panoramic views of Taipei and Taipei 101. You will be collected by private bus* which will drive you back to your selected pick up point before 12:00 PM. *Free private bus.

You will see:

  • Bishanyan
  • Kaizhang Shengwang Temple
  • Baishihu Suspension Bridge

When : Sunday 8AM

Where: 8:00AM Exit 5, MRT Ximen Station

8:10 AM No.140, Chang'an W. Rd.

8:20 AM Exit 3, MRT Nanjing Sanmin Station

Duration :  ​4 hrs

How: Click 'Going' and simply show up on time

For the Nature tour Book here

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The world today is far more ‘connected’ to mobile devices than ever before. We use the internet everywhere we go and for those of us who like to travel, internet connection has become as important as finding accommodation and exchanging money.

If you are planning a trip to Taiwan, you will be pleased to know that data here is inexpensive, fast and can also be found for free. Whether you are interested in working while you travel, uploading blogs or your latest videos and photographs; Taiwan will keep you connected. Here are the ins and outs of mobile connection in Taiwan.

Taiwan's Free WIFI!

Taiwan offers free Wifi to all tourists! Awesome right! You can find free hotspot all over the country and on most public transport.

To access this, you need to register at any tourist kiosk in the airport or at any of the main stations. Simply produce your passport and email address. You can also register online before you arrive at http://www.tpe-free.taipei.gov.tw/tpe/index_en.aspx

Be aware, however, that free connection can be slow and often allows only for light internet use, also you might not be able to access hotspots if you are outside the city. Also bear in mind, that when you use free wifi, private information on your phone is not considered safe.

Taipei, Taiwan evening skyline for adv or others purpose use

Prepaid Data Providers, The Options?

In Taiwan, you will find mobile service rates to be amongst the world's lowest and networks to be very fast and efficient. If you are traveling mainly in the city you will find service is mostly consistent between the major providers. However, in rural areas, especially more mountainous parts, the coverage can vary.

The main providers in Taiwan, in terms of market share, are :

1. Chunghwa (Emome).
● Ranked third for 4G speed.
● Currently the biggest private carrier.
● Providing 3G(WCDMA)/4G services.
● Considered to have the best signal, covering mountains and more remote areas.

2. Taiwan Mobile (My Fone).
● Ranked second for 4G speed.
● Providing 3G(WCDMA)/4G services.

3. FarEasOne.
● Ranked number one for 4G speed.
● Providing 3G (WCDMA)/4G services.

4. T star.
● Ranked number four for 4G speed.
● Providing 3G (WCDMA)/4G services.

For a Short Stay: Unlimited Data Within Selected Days.

With all four providers, SIM cards can be purchased from their branches and at the airport when you arrive.

If you are only staying in Taiwan for less than 30 days, it is your best option to get an airport package, as these are specifically for visitors. However, you will not be able to top it up as you will have data use within a set time frame only. You can choose from one day to thirty days for unlimited 3D data and need to produce your passport to purchase.

If you are applying outside the airport you will be able to top up on your plan, but take an additional form of ID with you when you purchase the SIM. Top ups for most providers can be made in-store and at all major convenience stores


● Their 3G SIM card (NT$300), is called an Ideal Card.

● Airport packages are easily available and top-ups for data plans purchased outside the airport can be done online at https://www.idealcard.com.tw/

Taiwan Mobile.

● Taiwan Mobile prepaid starter packs can be purchased in Myfone stores and at the airport.

● Their prepaid 3G SIM (NT$345 ) is for low data users, but cannot be purchased in store, instead, you have to order it online.

● For non-airport packages, recharge online using this link:



● Prepaid 3G SIM (NT$350) is called ‘IF’.

● Tourist packs at the airport are available.

4.Taiwan Star.

● TSTAR is Taiwan's smallest network and generally has a good connection but might not have coverage everywhere outside of the city.

● Their SIM card is available for free at their T-STAR branch at terminal 1 and 2 of Taoyuan International Airport, you will need to take two forms of ID with you.

Price comparison for day plans with unlimited Data.

*Taiwan Star offers airtime with packages.
*Currency is in Taiwan Dollars.

For a Longer Stay/Faster Speed: Data Usage Plan.

If you’re staying for a longer period of time or need a faster speed, we recommend you use the Data Usage Plan. These plans provide both 3G and 4G plans, but with the same data amount, 3G would be significantly more expensive than 4G plans.

● Chunghwa sells different 4G/LTE starter packs depending on your needs and you can add an additional ‘data volume plan’.


Taiwan Mobile and FarEasTone.

● The 4G/LTE prepaid packs are available.

Taiwan Star.
● 4G/LTE is available with unlimited data as a day plan only.


Price comparison for Data Usage Plan ( 4G).
(format: Carrier/TWD Prices/Number Expiration Date)
Data Chunghwa Taiwan Mobile FarEasTone








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All you need to know about Taiwan currency

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Unlike other currencies such as the US Dollar and Euro, Taiwan’s currency is something that most people may have never heard about, until they decide to plan a trip to our beautiful island. So here’s a quick intro and a few useful tips for you.

A. Currency

  1. The currency name is New Taiwan Dollar, usually shortened as NTD or NT$. In Chinese, it is called “yuan”, but in our daily conversations, we just use the word “kuai”, meaning “piece” (of money).
  2. The ISO currency code is TWD.
  3. As of the writing of this article, the current exchange is approximately 1USD : 30NT.

B. Just so that you get a general idea of what price levels are like in Taiwan:

  1. a bottle of water= 15NT (US$0.50)
  2. a movie ticket= 250NT-350NT (US$8-$10)
  3. a pack of Marlboro cigarettes= 125NT (US$4.00)
  4. a bowl of beef noodle soup (one of our must-try street foods!)= 150NT (US$5.00)
  5. an all-day metro pass= 180NT (US$6.00)

C. How to make payments in Taiwan?

  1. We mostly use cash when paying for anything (unlike the US or Europe, where you can pay with a card for even just an apple!)
  2. But of course, credit cards are still widely accepted (Visa, MasterCard…), especially in malls and most restaurants.
  3. Easy Card! Super convenient for taking metros, buses, but also for paying at places like convenience stores, bookshops, cinemas, and even Starbucks! You can get one easily at 7-11 or any metro station.

D. How to get cash:

There are no moneychangers on the streets, but there are plenty of other easy ways to get cash.

  1. At the airport, there are always a few money exchange counters and banks on your way out.
  2. At any ATM, they are everywhere (and bilingual)! On the streets, in shopping malls, in front of banks and even in convenience stores like 7-11. However a withdrawal fee will be charged every time, so it is best to get enough cash for the whole trip at once.
  3. At banks, they normally open from 9am-3:30pm and are closed on weekends, so remember to go early! You will be asked to fill out a form requiring a valid local address and phone number, just write in all the info of the hotel you’re staying at.
  4. In big shopping malls (such as Taipei 101 or Sogo), however, the rates are usually not so friendly.

  • REMEMBER! Always bring your passport when you want to get cash at either of these places (except for ATMs). Oh and another thing: exchange what’s left of your cash before leaving the country, because NTD is not an easy currency to exchange especially once out of Asia!
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Traveling in Taiwan: Taxis

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Backpackers will usually choose public transportations such as metros or buses when it comes to traveling abroad due to the budget issue. But if you are more of a night owl or traveling a more remote area, then you might still run into the situation of riding a taxi. So we're going to introduce in this article the rates of taxis and things to watch out for in Taiwan.

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7-Eleven and FamilyMart Wifi Sign-Up Tutorial

Last update:2016-11-23 12:50:34

In our last article, we've introduced Taiwan's Free WiFis. Unfortunately, both the FamilyMart and 7-Eleven's Wifi Registration page doesn't provide an English version. Therefore we've written this article in the hopes of helping out our friends that doesn't read Mandarin to enjoy such an awesome free service. This ultimate guide will ensure you're able to signup without knowing Mandarin.

7-Eleven ibon-WiFi

Step 1: Connect to the ibon-WiFi on your device then it will be automatically transfer to the Login/Register page. First time users please click the register button.

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It's Free, Free, and Free! Taiwan's WiFi Guide

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Internet has officially become a living essential for modern travelers today, and the most common choice is to purchase a SIM card or number. However, is there an option where travelers don’t have to spend money? Of course there is, and in Taiwan the three major types of free WiFi we’re about to provide are actually accessible and convenient to foreign travelers. Most of your hostels and hotels are equipped with strong internet service, many of the public stations or convenient stores also offer this service now. So if you’re not an internet addict that has to watch every new YouTube video or check-in wherever you go, then you don’t actually need to spend money on purchasing internet! Below are the three common types o free WiFi you can access throughout Taiwan’s cities.

  1. iTaiwan
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Stay Connected in Taiwan: Mobile Prepaid Data Plans

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Last Updated: 201601

Firefox Mobile

It’s no doubt that we’re more attached to our mobiles devices and internet more than we’ve ever been in the past. So when you’re traveling in Taiwan, how do you connect to the world? We’ve put together a comparison between the five major carriers’ plans for you to find something that fits your needs!

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